The Official* Lady #QandA drinking game!

5 Apr

Do you want to watch Monday’s all-women edition of #QandA but lack the drinking habbit to get you through?  My friend Erin and I are here to help.

Take a sip if:

  • You hear the word “choice” or “empowerment” (two if it’s within the same sentence as a reference to sex work)
  • Germaine thumps the table
  • You hear “have it all”
  • You hear “mummy blogger” (or actually mummy anything)
  • Janet Albrechtsen (because Albrechtsen)
  • You hear “men and women are naturally different”
  • Women are referred to as shrill, whiney or nagging
  • Women can be sexist too, shouts male audience member
  • Tony blushes, two if he giggles
  • Offensive audience member rant is taken “as a comment”
  • For every use of “misogyny” “misandry” and “sexism”

Finish your drink if:

  • Someone asks whether feminism is still relevant
  • Someone claims “Tony Abbott’s not that sexist”
  • The Prime Minister’s arse is mentioned
  • A joint is destroyed
  • You hear “women are emotional, men are rational”

Hug your knees in the shower if:

  • A victim is blamed

Bonus round:

  • Any time a double standard is used take a double shot
  • Any slut shaming or mention of slut walk – hike up your skirt and skull from the bottle
  • For the inevitable discussion of female quotas on boards or in parliament, drink 50% of what’s left
  • “Young women don’t understand modern feminism” – drink until it doesn’t hurt when you bang your head against the wall
  • Misuse of facts and statistics? Take about three sips, five if it’s neuroscience
  • If anyone claims you can legally get an abortion outside the ACT throw your drink at the screen and pour another
  • The panel is asked a question unrelated to their status as “womens” – stop drinking and watch in wonder.

Double bonus round:

  • If one of your drunken Lady #QandA tweets make it on to the telly drink everything in front of you and pass out because, lady, your life is complete!

Any more? Add new rules in the comments.

Play along using the hashtags #qanda and #ladyqanda from 9.35 on Monday night; and the next morning using #ladyhangover.

*Not official, my friend @isErinLeigh and I just knew we’d need something to help us through.

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This post was syndicated by Junkee, on which we have a bit of a crush, actually.


2 Responses to “The Official* Lady #QandA drinking game!”

  1. fixitdearhenry April 5, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    Holy Mirabella! Thanks for all the Facebook shares! xox


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